Urban Dance City is an IDTA accredited and affiliated dance school. As an international
organisation we ensure we operate within the IDTA terms to maintain an empowering, safe and

healthy community.

Before enrolling please read our Code of Conduct below with your child to prepare you for
checking the tick box on the application form to agree that you have read them and support us in
these rules that will benefit everyone. Thank you
Note : For children who require a carer in mainstream school or attends a special school,
please contact us to enquire before enrolling.

Class Etiquette

It is essential that everyone follows the school rules and procedures.

Please read as follows:

• Students should arrive before the lesson begins. (go toilet before class)
• Students should wear appropriate clothing and footwear (no skirts/jeans)
• No eating or chewing during the class. Water only (no fizzy drinks)
• No jewellery that is unsafe to dance with
• No photos / video recording from parents/observers for child protection without permission
   UDC staff have permission to film or take photos of students for marketing / company purpose
• Parents/siblings are welcome to stay and watch as long as siblings are supervised and
disruption is kept to a minimum.
• Students should be aware of the schools codes of conduct :


Unacceptable Behaviour
• Lack of respect.
• Violence.
• Threatening behaviour including bullying.
• Deliberate disobedience.
• Discrimination.

• Deliberate vandalism of other peoples’ property or possessions.

Children are made aware of the consequences of breaking the rules.

• Minor problems will be dealt with within the class by reminding the child of the rules or task.
• A child could be asked to sit out as a consequence of persistant misbehaviour.
• In extreme incidents, or where there is a pattern of persistent misbehaviour, exclusion from the dance class may be necessary.
Parents will be informed immediately and any monies paid in

advance for future classes will be refunded.

Acceptable Behaviour
Children are encouraged to:
• Try hard to do their best.
• Be kind and speak politely to everyone
• Respect other people, their possessions and property.
• Be helpful.
• Ask for help or tell an adult if they are unhappy.
• Accept responsibility for the things they do.
We believe that the most effective way of achieving our aims is to praise and encourage positive behaviour.

Examples of such behaviour will be praised and celebrated in class, both verbally and by receiving tangible rewards such as stickers, certificates and trophies.


For their rights to be maintained children have to take on the responsibility of following the Codes of Conduct (class rules). If children break the rules they must understand that they have chosen to do this and therefore must accept the consequences of their actions.
Attendance Agreement
Parent / carers will ensure :
• Dance classes/rehearsals and performances are attended regularly and on time and collected on time.
• On the first day of absence the Dance Principal will be informed as early as possible.
• The Dance Principal/member of staff is informed should there be any concerns in regards to attendance/rehearsals/performances.
• The Dance Principal is made aware of any changes to current contact or  medical details.
Dismissal Consent
For your child to be dismissed to another adult other than yourself (parent/carer) or if you are happy for your child to no longer be collected but can walk home themselves, please request a form and hand it to admin at the next session.
Note: We do not take responsibility for a child once dismissed.

Terms of Leaving

Our ‘Terms of Leaving’ is that we request an email from parent when choosing to withdraw their child from Urban Dance City
Our ‘Terms of Leaving’ are as follows:

You must provide us with at least 2-weeks notice before end of month of your intention to leave.
This will  stop being invoiced for the following month.
Your 2-week notice begins once you have completed this online form

Membership fee is charged at registration for all new members (after free trial)
Membership/Registration Fee is £20pa (due every Aug)
(bank details used to pay for first invoice to register sets up Bacs)
Class fee payments are collected automatically by Bacs using GoCardless within the first week of every month (Sept-Jul)
Any class fee increases are notified minimum of 10 days prior
See How Payment Works